Before We Heal (Trailer)

00h 16min   |   Arabic  |  MAD SOLUTIONS  |  Director : Nadim Hobeika

Before We Heal happens all during one morning, over coffee. Saleem and Yumna, two ex lovers meet at Yumna's place. The miscommunication takes over. Saleem enters the toilet and somehow gets stuck.

Between the inside and the outside, trials and disappointments, laughter and hope, passion and pain are all being shared at the doorstep, until Yumna takes the unexpected decision... The decision to heal.

Official Selection Cine4All 2019



Director: Nadim Hobeika



Nadim Hobeika is an assistant director and director, known for Before We Heal (2018) and Are You Glad I'm Here (2018)

Yumna Marwan : Actress
Official Selection for Best Actress in Short Film Award
Cine4All Fest 2019



Yumna Marwan is a film and TV actress and aspiring director born in Lebanon. She spent her childhood in Beirut and her teenage years in Ames, Iowa. She took part in her first feature film The Valley by writer/director Ghassan Salhab in 2013. Since then she has taken up roles with directors from all over the Arab world. Her first English-speaking main role was for Sky Atlantic's Little Birds miniseries, to be released in 2020


Film Type:  Short Film  

Genres:       Drama

Run time:    16 minutes

Completion Date: March 1, 2018

Country of Origin: Lebanon

Film Color:   Color

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