BOODY: The Sumo Pharao

1h 00min   |  Arabic   |  Mad Solutions Director :Sarah Riad

Boody, known by his wrestling name ''Osunaarashi'' (The Great Sand Storm), is the first Egyptian Sumo wrestler of his kind ever to make it to the professional Sumo world in Japan. He is celebrated for being one of the most noted, strong wrestlers in the top Sumo ranks.

documentary brings out Boody's journey from ''Al-Bagalt'', the small village in the countryside of Egypt where he grew up, all the way to Tokyo right into the one-of-a-kind professional Sumo world.


Sarah Riad 

Sara Riadis an Egyptian-Japanese filmmaker. She majored in Media Studies at two different universities in Egypt and Japan, but she dropped out of both. The, she decided to begin her own journey of self-learning. She has been working as an independent filmmaker and writer since 2012 after training by working on many documentaries, TV shows and short films, as well as vlogging different events. In the end, she began writing and directing her first project.



Film Type: Documentary, Feature

Run time: 1 hour

Completion Date: May 1, 2017

Country of Origin: Egypt