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Into Reverse

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00h 14min   |  Arabic | 2017 | Producer Writer - Director :  Noha Adel

In a Cairo regular morning of a working day, a clash erupts, in a one direction side street of a crowded neighborhoods. A face-to-face confrontation between two car drivers; a raging angry driver and a frightened determined one. Shall the driver in the right direction submit just because she's a woman?




Noha Adel : Writer - Director  Producer

Key Cast :  Ahmed Essam “Hamdy”

Key Cast : Mona El Namoury “Hanan”

Key Cast : Hanin Hanafy “Amira”

Key Cast : Khaled Mamdouh “Taxi Driver”

Key Cast : Shady Hakim “The guy with eye glasses”


Writer Producer

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Noha Adel



Noha Adel is born in 1975. She graduated from the English Department in Cairo University. In 2017 she joined the Fundamentals of Directing workshop for three months with Directors Ayten Amin and Adham El Sherif .She wrote, directed and produced her graduation project short film "Into Reverse"in September 2017. The film was in the • The film was in the official competition of short films in Dubai International Film Festival in December 2017 (Muhr Shorts), Milano African , Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Italy in March 2018, Arab Film Festival in Paris in France in June 2018, Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt in March 2018, Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden 2018, Arab Film Festival in Zurich in Switzerland in 2018, Sudan International Film festival 2019, Beirut International Women Film Festival in Lebanon in 2019, Angers African Cinema Film festival in France in 2019, Marseille Aflam festival in France in 2019,in the official selection of Arab Film Festival in San Francisco 2019, Olhares do Mediterraneo Women film Festival in Lisbon, Portugal 2019, Festival De Cinema in Dakar, Senegal 2019, Afrique Sur Bievre Film Festival in Paris, France 2019.The film won the ISMU award in Milano festival and the golden prize for students films in Luxor festival and it won the Jury prize in zawya short film festival in Cairo in 2018, the best script award in Cairo Short Film Festival 2019 . The director's new short film "Once Upon A Time In the Café" is her 2nd feature short, it was produced in October 2019 and still haven't been released.

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