Salamat El Shoof (Trailer)

00h 14:min   |  Arabic | 2018 |  Director :Shaymaa Tafish

Mohamed is a young man in the late twenties thinks that he has a mentally ill and frustrated because of that .he decides to live within depression until his girlfriend comes and rescues him from the hospital he stayed in while his brother on the other side is the reason for his continued presence in hospital

it's a really terrible double life , I don't think there's a way out of it , just crazy
The film is inspired by the play of the farce of Youssef idris

Official Selection 2019




Shaymaa Tafish : Director 

Key Cast :  Mohamed Adel

Key Cast : Mostafa Abd El Salam

Key Cast : Tharaa Goubail

Script : Sara Abo Raya

Cinematography : Anan Abd El Haq

Editor : Moaz Abas

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Shaymaa Tafish is a graduate of The Higher institute of cinema and is currently an assistant director
Participated in many festivals
Directed the documentary film marionette and the short fiction film Salamat Al Shouf

Shaymaa Tafish

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